About Us

‘’ICC Albania’’ is the ICC National Committee in Albania.

As of end-year 2011, four companies operating in different sectors agreed to set up the most new representative national committee of ICC in Albania. Following their application, in June 2012, ICC World Council approved the establishment of ICC National Committee in Albania.

The idea to set up this committee came as the result of a discussion between Albanian representatives of a financial institution and ICC HQ. Currently, ICC Albania counts in its membership some of the most strategic companies of the country in the financial sector, telecommunication and law firms.

ICC Albania intends to work together with businesses, chambers of commerce, business organizations, law firms, financial institutions and other parties to facilitate international trade and investment, help them build capacity and promote economic growth through awareness and the application of international best practices.

ICC objective is to bring to the Albanian market practices, policies and standards of international rules of doing business. Meanwhile, ICC Albania aims to be an effective National Committee with specific position nationally as well as within the ICC global network.

Another objective is lobbying to protect the interests of its members at national and international levels..

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