10 Reasons to attend an ICC Event

1. An international and cultural experience

Our trainings and conferences are held around the world. They bring together speakers, trainers, and participants creating a unique international forum for discussing and evaluating many current and emerging legal and business issues.

2. Spend time with international experts

ICC events are run by some of the worlds most influential and dynamic industry professionals, many of whom have actively contributed to the development of the rules that business uses every day. Our experts receive news of developments in policy, law and regulation at an early stage and are in contact with ministers and international officials at the heart of intergovernmental groups such as the G20 and United Nations.

3. Business networking

ICC events offer excellent opportunities to network and to forge lasting business relationships.

4. A ringside seat for ICC Arbitration

Participants at our arbitration-related events learn firsthand about ICC arbitral procedures from the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

5. Educational

Our trainings combine practical group working sessions with high-level technical presentations ensuring the best learning outcome. Participants can also choose from a range of basic and advanced level trainings

6. Standard of excellence

ICC has a worldwide reputation for enabling excellence. Our trainings and conferences are recognized worldwide.

7. Professional development

Credits and hours are awarded for most of our events helping participants keep up to date with their licensing or recertification requirements. See our page on professional credits.

8. Live or on-line

Programmes are delivered throughout the year and in multiple locations. We have also developed a number of high quality self-paced on-line trainings and webinars ton dispute resolution and trade finance related topics in order to accommodate busy professional schedules.

9. The right level

Participants can choose from a range of basic and advanced level trainings.

10. Multi-lingual

We offer trainings in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.