ICC Headquarters are located in Paris where more than 160 permanent staff members, representing 25 nationalities carry out their task in different departments.

Led by the Secretary General, the ICC international secretariat develops and carries out the work programme of ICC and remains in close contact with the extensive ICC network of members and regional offices around the world.ICC is governed by its Executive Board, World Council, Chairmanship and Secretary General.
The governing bodies of ICC are:

World Council

ICC’s supreme governing body, the World Council is the equivalent of the general assembly of a major intergovernmental organization. In this case however, the delegates are business executives and not government officials.

Chairmanship and Secretary General

The Chairman, his/her immediate predecessor and the Vice-Chairman form the Chairmanship. ICC’s Secretary General, appointed by the World Council, heads the International Secretariat and works closely with national committees to carry out ICC’s work programme.

ICC Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for developing and implementing ICC’s strategy, policy and programme of action and for overseeing the financial affairs of the organization.