New provisions of the New Customs Code enter into force


31 May 2017, Tirana: On the 31st of May 2017, a the premises of Tirana International Hotel was launched to the private sector the changes of the New Customs Code and the Supporting Provisions. This meeting was proposed as an initiative of the business community  during the last session of the Investment Council Meeting.

The New Customs Code has been approved on 31st July 2014 and enters entirely into force on the 1st of June 2017. The Code has been drafted in compliance with the EU directives and provides a wide range of simplified procedures for exporters and importers with the objective to facilitate trade and promote further trade exchanges. For this purpose, representatives of General Customs Directorate, during this consultation meeting, presented some of the most important aspects of the New Code having an impact on the cooperation between the private sector and the customs administration, such as; declaration of goods at the customs, simplification of procedures, obligatory information, violations and appeals, customs regimes, etc.

On the other hand, representatives of the private sector raised their concerns on customs procedures, related mainly to container scanning, reference pricing to customs duty, changes in the tariff classification of goods, inspections, etc.

During the meeting, it was highlighted the importance of the collaboration between the business and the General Customs Directorate, emphasizing the need for periodic and institutionalized consultations between them. This would lead to a stronger partnership and collaboration aiming for a safe, open and fair trade.

Download the New Customs Code (Only in Albanian)

Download Presentations on Changes reflected at the New Customs Code (Only in Albanian)