14 January 2020

Resolving commercial disputes efficiently and cost-effectively is an ICC priority, as it advances our purpose to secure peace, prosperity and opportunity for all.

But our Dispute Resolution Services go far beyond case management to include pioneering discussions and activities that steer the future course of dispute resolution, engaging with arbitration and ADR users around the world and encouraging the next generation of dispute resolution professionals.

We’ve rounded up 12 highlights from our busy year to demonstrate the breadth and impact of our dispute resolution work.

1. We announced a new record for arbitration awards in 2018

The International Court of Arbitration (ICC Court) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) announced that it had registered a total of 842 new cases in 2018 – the second-highest total of registered cases ever. The 2018 dispute resolution statistical report also revealed figures that reflected the ICC Court’s efforts to further improve efficiency, diversity and transparency. ICC  also recently announced record dispute resolution figures for 2019.

ICC Court President Alexis Mourre said the continued growth reflected ICC’s global expansion efforts and “level of trust placed in our superior-quality, neutral services that support trade and investment in volatile times.”

The ICC International Centre for ADR (Centre for ADR) announced it had beaten previously established records, with 70 cases registered in 2018 under the ICC Mediation, Expertise, Dispute Board and DOCDEX Rules. In January, the Centre for ADR announced it had filed 61 new cases in 2019.