ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption

Has been a pioneer in the business fight against corruption, issuing in 1977 its first version of the ICC Rules of Conduct to combat Extortion and Bribery.

With over 300+ members from 40 countries, the commission provides for a global forum including business executives and private practitioners in various fields of ethics and compliance.


  • The ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption is a leading global private sector body that develops rules of conduct, best practices and advocacy for fighting corruption and for corporate responsibility.ICC took the lead among business organizations in denouncing corruption and in developing rules to combat it. The ICC Rules on Combating Corruption constitute the cornerstone of ICC’s anti-corruption work, serving both as a tool for self-regulation by business and as a roadmap for governments in their efforts to fight extortion and bribery.In addition to these flagship ICC Rules, the commission has developed a suite of crucial anti-corruption tools for companies to use proactively as part of their integrity programmes. The Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption also provides business with practical instruments for responsible business conduct. ICC works closely with intergovernmental organizations involved in anti-bribery law, guidelines and policy, such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UN-ODC) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD).

For the time being there are no members nominated in this Commission from Albania.