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Davos 2020: ICC mobilises business leaders to advance a more sustainable global economy

24 January 2020 The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) joined over 3,000 participants at the 50th edition of the World Economic Forum to strengthen environmental initiatives among the private sector. Building off last month’s United Nations Climate Conference (COP25), ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO has made environmental initiatives the focal point of his participation at this year’s Forum in Davos. ICC has contributed to several environmental initiatives, tools, services and policy recommendations launched at this year’s Forum. Business provides policymakers with concrete proposals

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ICC joins Singapore Government and major industry partners to launch Trade Trust

22 January 2020 Convening alongside the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has joined the Singapore Government and industry partners to accelerate the digitalisation of global trade and commerce. ICC, the Singapore Government, and major firms from key industries have signed a historic cooperation agreement to facilitate and accelerate adoption of digital technologies in trade and commerce. The global industry leaders participating in the agreement are APRIL, DBS Bank, Marubeni Corporation, Mastercard, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.,

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3 things to expect from ICC Mediation Week

17 January 2020 From 6-12 February, ADR professionals and students hailing from the four corners of the globe will converge in Paris, France for the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) much-anticipated Mediation Week (ICCMW). The world business organization’s largest educational event of the year welcomes over 550 participants—from students and young professionals to world-renowned mediators and academics— for unparalleled capacity building and knowledge exchange each and every year. Here are three things to know about the week-long event. 1. It is a prestigious competition that

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12 ICC Dispute Resolution achievements of 2019

14 January 2020 Resolving commercial disputes efficiently and cost-effectively is an ICC priority, as it advances our purpose to secure peace, prosperity and opportunity for all. But our Dispute Resolution Services go far beyond case management to include pioneering discussions and activities that steer the future course of dispute resolution, engaging with arbitration and ADR users around the world and encouraging the next generation of dispute resolution professionals. We’ve rounded up 12 highlights from our busy year to demonstrate the breadth and impact of our dispute resolution work.

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Unprecedented number of crew kidnappings in the Gulf of Guinea despite drop in overall global numbers

14 January 2020 Despite overall piracy incidents declining in 2019, there was an alarming increase in crew kidnappings across the Gulf of Guinea, according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) annual piracy report. In 2019, IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre received 162 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships worldwide, in comparison to 201 reported incidents in 2018. The incidents included four hijacked vessels, 11 vessels fired upon, 17 attempted attacks, and 130 vessels boarded, according to the latest IMB figures.

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ICC celebrates case milestone, announces record figures for 2019

9 January 2020 Commencing 2020 on a dispute resolution high note, the International Court of Arbitration (ICC Court) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has registered its 25,000th case and announced record arbitration figures for 2019. Case 25,000 involves parties from the Middle East and India and will be administered through the Secretariat’s office in Singapore. The trailblazing ICC Court – named by the latest Queen Mary University Survey as the world’s most preferred arbitral institution – registered a total of 869 new cases

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