5 June 2019: ICC Albania appreciates the opportunity given by the Investment Council Secretariat in Albania to provide input on the Draft-Law on Investment document. ICC Albania has circulated the draft within its membership and submits the reviewed comments and recommendations deemed of particular importance for business and for the furtherance of an enabling investment climate in Albania.

The document is available in Albanian language and has been submitted to Ministry of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Finance and Economy and to the Secretariat of the Investment Council in Albania.

Komente dhe Sugjerime mbi Projektligjin ”Për Investimet”

Projektligj ”Për Investimet”

ICC has a long history of working to promote balanced international investment frameworks – dating back to the publication of the ICC International Code of Fair Treatment for Foreign Investments in 1949. Evolving from that initial code, ICC published the first edition of the Guidelines for International Investment in 1972 – last revised in 2012.