ICC Commission on Competition

Ensures that modern business needs and markets are taken into account in the formulation and implementation of competition laws and policies.

With over 300+ members from 40 countries, the commission provides for a global forum including legal advisors from industrial and commercial enterprises and lawyers in private practice with business expertise and experience in areas of competition policy implementation, unilateral conduct, cartels and mergers.



The commission contributes business expertise and experience to the work of the International Competition Network (ICN). In addition, it contributes the business perspective to international discussions on due process principles in competition law.The commission provides input to proposals on EU competition law reform in areas such as vertical restraints, horizontal agreements and enforcement by private parties and also gives international business views on competition policy developments in different regions.

The commission meets twice a year in plenary, but carries out work constantly throughout the year in issue-specific task forces.

The following events take place during the year:

    • ICC/ICN Roundtable on Competition Policy, held in conjunction with the ICN annual conference
    • June meeting, held in conjunction with the BIAC/OECD meetings in Paris
    • September meeting, held in conjunction with the Global Antitrust Enforcement Symposium in Washington DC or the Fordham Conference in New York
    • December meeting, held at the Directorate for Competition in Brussels

Renata LEKA, Boga & Associates