ICC Commission on Taxation

Promote transparent and non-discriminatory treatment of foreign investment and earnings that eliminates tax obstacles to cross-border business transactions.

With over 130+ members from tens of countries, the commission provides for a global forum comprising  taxation specialists from all sectors of business and private practice, including representatives from some of the world’s leading companies and tax consultancy firms, representing a wide range of national backgrounds and business representative organizations.


  • Continue to advocate for coherent and coordinated local implementation of the G20/OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project (BEPS) outcomes to help establish a consistent global tax system (including consistency of principles, need for harmonization of international information exchange practices between tax authorities, and utilization of country-by-country documentation).
  • Provide further views into G20/OECD follow-up deliberations—including further discussion drafts, the BEPS Multilateral Instrument to modify bilateral tax treaties and the Inclusive Framework to support implementation of the BEPS package in developing countries.
  • In cooperation with the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR, play a leading role in the UN deliberations on effective tax dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Lead global business input into the work of the UN Committee of Experts in Tax Matters and its sub-committees—including on dispute resolution, royalties, and the taxation of technical services, with a view to ensuring that new proposals are implemented in a manner that best facilitates cross-border trade and investment.
  • Promote ICC recommendations on transfer pricing, including the evolution of principles concerning the priority of traditional methodologies (such as profit splits or formulary apportionment), in relevant intergovernmental policy processes, including the OECD, the WCO, the UN and the G20.
  • Continue to provide business input on indirect taxation from a global business perspective, including participation in the EU VAT Experts Group.
  • Establish opportunities to support the endorsement of cooperative compliance by global tax authorities in order to enhance administrative efficiency.
  • Develop a Charter of fiscal rights for international investors, notably on the basis of the ICC Guidelines for International Investment.
  • Identify and promote opportunities for fostering growth and cross-border trade in the area of international tax policy.

The commission examines major policy issues of interest to world business. It analyses developments in international fiscal policy and legislation and puts forward business views on government and intergovernmental projects affecting taxation.

The commission’s observers include representatives of the International Fiscal Association (IFA), International Bar Association (IBA), the International Stock Exchange Federation (FIBV), the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and BUSINESSEUROPE.

In order to engage business views and tackle issues related to international taxation, the commission also works closely with the above mentioned organizations including the United Nations Committee of Experts in Tax Matters.

For the time being there are no members nominated in this Commission from Albania.