ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy

Represents ICC’s main working body on multilateral trade and investment policy issues.

With over 180 members from more than 42 countries, the commission’s constructive role in representing business views is built upon ICC’s long history of authoritative involvement in international trade and investment policy. ICC was present at Bretton Woods and has enjoyed top-level consultative status at the United Nations and its specialized agencies since 1946. ICC’s established reputation coupled with its global reach uniquely positions the organization to convey the views of global business on international trade and investment policy.


The commission examines major policy issues of interest to world business.

Trade Policy

The multilateral trading system is the guarantor of the consistency and predictability that are essential for companies to trade and invest across borders, as well as an insurance policy against protectionism.

The commission has followed the Doha Development Agenda negotiations closely since the launch of the round in 2001 and has developed detailed policy recommendations to World Trade Organization (WTO) members on the main issues under negotiation.

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Investment Policy

Cross-border investment is a vital driver of global economic growth and conveys benefits to businesses and home governments that frequently may be overlooked. Domestically, foreign direct investment links local companies to global value chains, underwrites trade and export opportunities, and facilitates the inflow of capital, technology, and skills.

The commission tracks and provides input in international investment policy developments, with a particular focus on the work of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

For the time being there are no members nominated in this Commission from Albania.