10 May 2021: BLOG 

“Monday Arbitration Day” Campaign & Why to chose arbitration?

ICC Albania kicks off the ”Monday Arbitration Day” Campaign.

The main purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and promote arbitration in Albania as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism to resolve commercial and investment disputes. 

This campaign will take place for seven consecutive Mondays, from May, 10th  2021 until June, 21st, 2021.

Albanian practioners in Albania and abroad have joined us in this campaign and will share during these seven weeks their views and expertise in the area of arbitration. We will also offer a closer perspective of ICC Arbitration to our public.

Session 1/7 is reserved to the topic “Why to arbitrate?” 

What is arbitration? Why should parties choose to go to arbitration, rather than to a national court to resolve their dispute?

Our ICC Albania commission member, Mr. Florian Piperi and Partner at Optima Legal and Financial share his views on Arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution and the advantages of this mechanism. 

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Article: Arbitration: An Alternative dispute resolution mechanism to be considered. F. Piper, Partner at Optima Legal & Financial.

Interview: Benefits of choosing arbitration. F.Piper, Partner at Optima Legal & Financial.

According to the latest survey conducted by Queen Mary University of London in partnership with White and Case, arbitration continues to be considered as the preferred alternative dispute resolution of resolving cross-border disputes.