7 June 2021: BLOG

Arbitral Tribunals

This fifth session of the ”Monday Arbitration Day” Campaign will focus on the appointment of the arbitral tribunal.

We are providing a general overview on the appointment of the arbitral tribunal by taking into consideration the provisions of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Rules of Arbitration 2021, in force since 1 January 2021. 

On 19 May 2016, ICC signed an Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge, calling for enhanced diversity in international arbitration. The ICC Court of Arbitration is committed to narrowing the gender gap and cultural disparities among the arbitral tribunals. Celebrating the anniversary of the signing five years on, ICC’s efforts to improve the representation of women in arbitration goes from strength to strength. 

This week, our guest is Mr. Sokol Elmazaj, partner at Boga and Associates and Albania member to be elected at the ICC Court of Arbitration for the mandate 2021-2024. 

In his interview Mr. Elmazaj will share some thoughts on his experience over the years in international arbitration but also on the forthcoming appointment as an ICC Court of Arbitration. 

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Interview on the Forthcoming appointment as Albanian member to the ICC Court of Arbitration.

Ms. Tea Blakaj Hoxha, Secretary General of the Arbitration Center of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo,  in her article will provide a highlight over the rights and duties of an arbitral tribunal. More to read in the article about the first steps that an arbitrator should take when appointed and how they should perform their duties during the arbitration proceedings. 

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Rights and duties of an arbitral tribunal – Article

Te drejtat dhe detyrimet e nje tribunali arbitrazhi – Artikull