14 June 2021

The sixth session of the ”Monday Arbitration Day” Campaign will focus on the costs in international arbitration.

During this session it is provided a general overview on what constitutes the cost of arbitration and the effective management of an arbitration.  Arbitrators’ fees and case administration account for a much smaller proportion of the overall costs in an ICC Arbitration. 

Significant work has already been done by the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR to help keep party costs under control. It includes the 2018 “Effective management of arbitration: A Guide for In-House Counsel and Other Party Representatives”

This week, our guest is Mr. Dardan Mustafaj, counsel at Kurum International, Tirana. In his interview he will share his thoughts and experience as an in-house counsel. 

Arbitration: In-house counsel experience

Ms. Enisa Halili LL.M, Associate with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Frankurt,

in her article will provide a highlight over third party funding and the ICC Arbitration Rules 2021. Moreover it will provide an overview of some advantages and potential practical concerns about third party funding and the recent trends in institutional rules and in particular discuss the transparency and disclosure requirements for third-party funding in the 2021 ICC Arbitration Rules (the “2021 ICC Rules”).

Third-party funding and the 2021 ICC Rules

Financimi nga nje pale e trete dhe Rregullat e ICC-se 2021