21 June 2021

The seventh session of the ”Monday Arbitration Day” Campaign will focus on the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

In the info session we are sharing a general overview on what are the international standards set by the New York Convention on which national courts should follow in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.  Check the document here for more details.

This week, our guest is Mr. Gerhard Velaj, partner at Boga and Associates. In his interview Mr. Velaj will share his opinion about a topic which is frequently discussed among scholars and practitioners in the field of international arbitration “ The need or not to revise the New York Convention”.

Interview by Mr. Gerhard Velaj – New York Convention: Considerations for a review

Mr. Endrit Kapaj, Executive Director of MEDART (Albanian Mediation and Arbitration Center)  in a short article synthesizes the provisions in the Albanian law about the recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award in Albania. 

Article by Mr. Endrit Kapaj – Procedures of enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Albania

Artikull nga Z. Endrit Kapaj – Procedurat e Ekzekutimit te Vendimeve te huaja te Arbitrazhit ne Shqiperi