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Offering a proper training on Data Protection is an essential component of a compliance programme, together with leadership, risk assessment, standards and controls. Covered areas should allow participants to cultivate the best reflexes when confronted with ethical dilemmas as well as raise o update their knowledge in different domains, in order to make bridges and gain in efficiency when managing compliance.

This session is about “Data Protection”. It aims

a) to help participants understanding personal and sensitive data, the rules applicable to their treatment and the management of data risks and

b) assess the types of personal data that one’s organization collect, how these personal data are used, where they are stored and to where they are transferred.

Also, it will provide recommendations on the responsibilities and cross-functional support across the company.

The whole cycle of 5 small-scale high-level courses covers compliance aspects of anti-corruption, antitrust, economic crime, data protection, privacy, export controls and economic santions, tax and accounting standards, customs requirements, etc.

All companies should provide this opportunity to their officers, employees and third parties on relevant laws, regulations, corporate policies and prohibited conduct. Anybody involved in one or more aspects of compliance has benefits of expanding its knowledge of other areas and reinforce its general skills about compliance. Sales peoples, particularly when involved in risky countries, can benefit from it, like any workforce confronted with complex situations involving conflicting values, beliefs and moral choices.


  1. Understanding personal and sensitive data, the rules applicable to their treatment and the management of data risks
  2. What types of personal data does your organization collect, how are those personal data used, where are they stored and to where are they transferred?
  3. Responsibilities and cross-functional support across the company



Sari Depreeuw is a Belgian lawyer heading the IP/IT team at Brussels-based law firm DALDEWOLF. In addition she teaches intellectual property law and media law at Université Saint Louis Bruxelles and she is affiliated to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (research group LSTS). Sari has published several articles and contributes to conferences and seminars on a regular basis.


Members: 100 EUR

Non-members: 170 EUR

For 2nd or more participant from same company, 20% discount will be applied.

Please confirm your participation to [email protected]

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